The Team

We have great support within the family and from close friends who help to pack over 13,000 copies of this little magazine every quarter.

Picture: (Left to right) Joan, Glynis, Jan & Joan

Joan Woodward (far right) edits our competition page and has befriended many entrants by sending prizes and congratulatory letters. Jan McAvoy a close friend of Joan (sitting next to her) is married to an Elim Church Secretary and yet finds time to help us with the packing. Next to Jan is my Daugher in law Glynis who also gives valuable support to us by way of transport journeys when needed, even at a moments notice. Joan Hopwood (far left) was an invaluable companion on my last journey to Israel.

Red Sea Portside Photo

Here is a portside photograpers snap of us
about to board a boat on the Red Sea.
anchored magazine