A Tale from the Past

Birthday breaks the bars...

Back in 1973 when we had only 3000 readers we were ambitious enough to join a campaign to free an evangelist from jail. This was David Hathaway who took parties on overseas holidays but also taking bibles to countries where they were not welcome. In 1972 with a coach party travelling to Czechoslovakia his hiding place beneath the floor within the coach was discovered. He was arrested and found guilt and sentenced to imprisonment.
David Hathaway Story 1973 Picture

Many christians in England decided to appeal for his release. I was advised the part Anchored could play would be for as many of your readers as possible to write to their own MP and ask to use their influence. Other friends tried other methods but it was the Anchored readers letters to the MPs that succeeded when Harold Wilson, our future prime minister (we had four readers in his constituency) went to Czechoslovakia representing a communist conference asked for David's release.

They flew home together, and would you believe it, it was David's birthday!
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